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Which banking platforms are the best for mobile devices?

Top Mobile Banking Platforms    

E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate. People nowadays are more interested in shopping online than they were ever before. Consumers are now even using their mobile devices for shopping purposes. The rapid rise in the Smartphone technology has meant that nowadays, people find it a lot easier to buy things via these handheld devices. This new change has brought about the need of mobile banking platforms that can handle the online transactions being made using mobile phones. Banks have had to up their game in this regard and come up with new banking apps that can run on the mobile devices. Credicorp Bank for example have in production one of the most advanced mobile banking applications of 2016, featuring one click purchasing and two phase authentication they are industry leaders in pioneering technology. 

Mobile banking platforms and apps are the latest buzz in banking industry. More and more banks are trying to launch their mobile banking apps to provide their customers the facility to utilize their banking services from their mobile devices. Moreover, these mobile banking platforms are also facilitating customers in making purchases using their handheld devices. The following are among the top mobile banking platforms that are available to the people in the UK at the moment.  Read More...


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