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Which banking platforms are the best for mobile devices?

Top Mobile Banking Platforms    

E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate. People nowadays are more interested in shopping online than they were ever before. Consumers are now even using their mobile devices for shopping purposes. The rapid rise in the Smartphone technology has meant that nowadays, people find it a lot easier to buy things via these handheld devices. This new change has brought about the need of mobile banking platforms that can handle the online transactions being made using mobile phones. Banks have had to up their game in this regard and come up with new banking apps that can run on the mobile devices. Credicorp Bank for example have in production one of the most advanced mobile banking applications of 2016, featuring one click purchasing and two phase authentication they are industry leaders in pioneering technology. 

Mobile banking platforms and apps are the latest buzz in banking industry. More and more banks are trying to launch their mobile banking apps to provide their customers the facility to utilize their banking services from their mobile devices. Moreover, these mobile banking platforms are also facilitating customers in making purchases using their handheld devices. The following are among the top mobile banking platforms that are available to the people in the UK at the moment. 

Lloyds Mobile App

The Lloyds mobile banking app is considered to be the best banking platform for mobile phones in the UK. It has a very intuitive user-interface which makes it easier to use for the customers. Moreover, it offers a wide range of features to its customers too. The standout features of this mobile banking platform include full transaction history, ATM/branch locator, person to person payments and direct debit. In addition to this, the Lloyds mobile app offers a range of money transfer options to its customers too. 


Barclays Mobile App

The mobile app launched by Barclays is also among the top mobile banking platforms available in the UK right now. Not only does it have a good user-interface, it also offers numerous transactional features to its customers. Like the Lloyds mobile banking app, this mobile banking platform also allows customers to locate branches and ATMs through the app and view full transaction history.  

NatWest Mobile App

NatWest is known for providing its customers with top banking services. The mobile banking app of the bank is no different. The NatWest mobile banking app doesn’t have a very intuitive user-interface but it makes up for it in performance and security options. It is one of the only mobile banking platforms that offer biometric security to the customers. This means that you can login to your bank account using your phone’s fingerprint scanner. 

Santander Mobile App

The Santander mobile banking platform is also a good mobile app. The user-interface of the app isn’t that impressive but it does offer some extraordinary features to its customers. For instance, it provides its customers the chance to make international payments thanks to the blockchain-based payments service the bank has recently launched. In addition to this, it also offers standard features like person to person payments and direct debit.  

New Mobile Banking Platforms

In addition to the established banks like Lloyds and Barclays, there are other digital banks in the UK that have launched their mobile banking platforms too. They have built up quite a reputation for themselves and are providing excellent services to the people as well. The following are some of the new mobile banking platforms that have surfaced recently in the UK. 

• Atom Bank 

Atom Bank is the newest mobile banking platform to be launched in the UK. Designed like a mobile game, this app provides a completely personalized experience to the customers. It has good security features and allows customers to log in using either vocal or facial recognition. The app is in its initial phases though and doesn’t offer much in the name of mobile banking services.  

• Tandem 

Tandem is among the new mobile banking apps to be introduced in the UK very soon. It hasn’t been launched as of yet but latest news suggests that it would provide a new set of features and services to its customers. Tandem is looking to cater to the millennials and provide them with mobile banking services that help them in making smart decisions with their money.  

• Monzo Bank

Monzo Bank’s mobile banking platform is another one that hasn’t been launched till now but promises a great deal new features for its customers. The work that has been done on it till now ensures that it would offer customers the chance to open accounts with as low or high a capital they choose in less than a minute without even having a single human conversation. 



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